Leak Detection Service in South Jordan, Utah

When you have a leak in or under your slab, you need to find and repair the leak fast. A broken pipe under the concrete slab or foundation of a home can cause secondary problems such as deterioration of the soil under the home that can lead to foundation cracks and ongoing problems.

Diverse Plumbing Solutions specializes in under slab hot or cold water leak detection and location services. We are at the forefront of our industry and take pride that we can also offer our customers various types of repair options. We encourage customers to call us at any phase of the “I suspect I may have a plumbing leak” crisis, before significant, secondary damage occurs.

At Diverse Plumbing Solutions, our South Jordan leak detection services vary from using electronic line tracing devices, and in line sewer cameras, to sending out our specialist to do a visual inspection. Our plumbers have the ability and equipment to determine the exact location of a leak. Once the source of the leak is identified and pinpointed, our South Jordan leak detection technician can then recommend the best method to repair it.

Our South Jordan leak detection technicians quickly analyze the situation and determine the best course of action with regard to a wide range of household leaks. Professional leak detection by experienced South Jordan plumbers is what customers can expect when they contact this industry leader with decades of plumbing experience. Contact, call or visit Diverse Plumbing Solutions today to learn more about our South Jordan leak detection services.

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