Ridiculous Plumbing Fails

Posted by in News, on December 21, 2016

How are these for plumbing?

Now, this guy knew what he was doing. The water needed¬†to get from A to B and it’s getting there.

Sink plumbing


I can’t figure out if this was intentional or not. Either way, the TP doesn’t make a good prop.

toilet paper toilet seat



I’m not sure how well this one was thought through.

short sink faucet



This, on the other hand, was very well thought through. You definitely need hot water to wash your hands. I commend their desire to be sanitary.


sink water



¬†Purchasing a shower head just isn’t as fun as making on yourself. Besides, this way you can choose how many holes there are.

shower from a bottle


This looks like a game. I hope it was just a temporary fix till the plumber arrived…

drain the sink in the toilet


This is a little more sophisticated that the last. They used PPC pipe and, hey, the water is all going to the same place anyway, right?

drain the sink in the toilet



How would you like to be the two guys stuck with these?



Now this is what I call a throne.

Toilet on a throne

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