4 Ways To Prevent Having To Call An Emergency Plumber

Posted by in Plumbing Tips, on December 15, 2016

Emergencies aren’t fun…especially around the holidays… and especially when it involves having to call an emergency plumber. These 5 tips are preventative steps to help you avoid any plumbing tragedies during your Holiday season.

1. Throw your leftovers in the trash.

We cook a ton of food around the holidays and there are often more leftovers than expected. If you don’t plan on eating them throw them in the trash. Don’t risk overwhelming your garbage disposal with unusually large amounts of food.

2. Flush twice.

Holidays are when family comes into town and they eat, eat, and eat. Which, we all know, naturally leads to the restroom. To avoid having this increase of toilet use block your pipes make sure everyone flushes twice to ensure everything gets washed away.

3. Know the early signs of leaks.

Some of these signs are unusually high water bills, sounds of running water, damp spots, musty smells, and foundational cracks. If you have seen any of these signs and suspect a leak give us a call and we’ll come take a look before it becomes an emergency.

4. Schedule Plumbing Maintenance

Preferably you’d want to do this before the Holidays but maintenance checks are always a great way to identify any potential problems before they become an emergency. Schedule regular maintenance checks with us today. Send us an email using our form on our home page or give us a call at 385 549 0956!

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