How To Tell If You Have Hard Water

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Hard water can be destructive to pipes and cause several problems with washing hands, clothes, and dishes. Below are a few ways you can tell if you might have a hard water issue. Pay attention to these because, while they may not seem harmful now, they may cause costly repairs.

1. Soap Scum

Hard water contains calcium and magnesium. When these minerals are mixed with soap they cause a solid substance, soap scum, to form. You’ll see this build up around the edges of your tub or sinks. This is the number one way to tell if you have a hard water problem.

2. Funny Taste

The iron and magnesium in hard water causes an undesirable taste. Trust your tongue if you have a funny taste after drinking faucet water.

3. Slimy Hands

Soap and hard water do not mix. Soap is made from negatively charged oils. While most oils do not dissolve in water, this negative charge allows the oil to be removed by water. Hard water, which contains positively charged calcium, counteracts this process and the oils in the soap are no longer able to be easily rinsed by water.

4. Spotty Dishes

Because hard water makes it difficult for soap to be completely washed away, you will see a chalking residue on dishes after washing them.

5. No Lather Showers

When soap and water are mixed, the water’s surface tension is reduced allowing the bubbly lather to happen. Hard water prevents this reduction in tension.

If you think you have a hard water problem, give us a call and we can send one of our specialist to complete a hard water test.

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